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Staying Active As You Age

It is common for most people to be active in their twenties and early thirties only to be

overcome by the stresses of life in their later years and become sedentary. The benefits of

working out in your later years only increase as time goes by. Exercise has the ability to fend off

disease, reduce stress, keep hormone levels steady, and increase energy levels as you age.

There are also several studies showing that exercise improves cognitive function and may keep

Alzheimer’s and dementia from occurring later in life.

Another core problem in today’s society that can be reversed through exercise is Type 2

Diabetes. Due to the high sugar content of the American diet there are tons of people who

develop Type 2 Diabetes later in life. This disease is preventable and in some cases may be

reversed through diet and exercise. Losing weight, exercising, and making dietary changes will

increase the ability to control your blood sugar and in some instances may totally reverse Type

2 Diabetes. Even if you do not reverse the disease you can decrease medication needed and

greatly improve your condition through diet and exercise.

A huge benefit to staying active as you age is the ability of exercise to increase and regulate

hormone levels. A major cause of aging is the decline in hormones as time goes by. It has been

shown that regular resistance training will increase hormone levels thereby delaying the aging

process. Conclusion: Do you want to feel like you did in your twenties? Do you want to ward

off dementia? Do you want to prevent or maybe reverse Type 2 Diabetes? If yes, start a

regular exercise routine including weight and resistance training and change your dietary


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